Over the past few years I have dealt with some chronic health issues caused by stress and modern life - chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, anxiety, and just feeling overall not like myself. Yoga, Reiki, and Nutritional Therapy are all tools I have used on my path to finding health, and tools I continue to use daily. 

Yoga allows me to reconnect to my breath, body, and mind. It allows me to live in the present moment. I believe yoga looks different for everybody, but that everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga is an individual experience, even when it happens in a group setting. I practice a variety of yoga styles - yin, restorative, gentle, vinyasa - trying to find a balance of movement and stillness.

Reiki allows me to identify areas where I feel a little stuck, every event whether big or small leaves its mark. Reiki has also as well as bring an awareness to things I need to work on/let go of.

Nutritional Therapy looks at diet and lifestyle through a bio-individual lens, what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. It has helped me to learn more about how the body works, and how I can better support my health by eating nutrient-dense whole foods, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and finding movement that supports the mind & body. 

I work with people who have lost their spark - by implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes

you can find the light and joy within.


Prior to completing yoga teacher training I worked as a special education teacher in Virginia and Vermont. The emphasis in special education is to teach to each students' strengths in an individualized approach. This is one of the main themes I carried over into my offerings.

Ancient yoga texts teach us that every living being has an Atman, or true self, at the center of our being. This is our soul, our inner light, and it is unchanging. There are five koshas, or energetic layers, that affect how brightly our light might shine at any given time. We are in a constant state of fluctuation, and might have situations that change how brightly others see our light. Regardless, inside our full light continues to shine brightly. 

While visiting family in Omaha, Nebraska as I was playing with my little niece I began to sing "This Little Light of Mine". I am not quite sure why that song came out of my mouth, but I realized in that moment that this is the message I want to share. We all need to shine our light, to be our authentic selves.


B.A. in Psychology | Westfield State College | June 2006

M.Ed. in Special Education | University of Virginia | August 2013

NTP | Nutritional Therapy Association | June 2019

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